[titlesimple title=”steps” after_title=”Rapid Onset” css_animation=”scrollreveal”]To get started, you need not bother to search the performer. Davertes recognized market leader and just focus on success. Our vast number of customers and received.[/titlesimple]
[box_icon_step title=”Conclusion of a Treaty” icon=”icon-screen-desktop” step=”1″ css_animation=”bounceIn” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”0″]Quick start cooperation with us. After signing the contract we will immediately begin to work.[/box_icon_step]
[box_icon_step title=”Increase Your Sales” icon=”icon-bar-chart” step=”2″ css_animation=”bounceIn” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”0.5″]You can easily assess the effectiveness of your work, saw an increase in sales and our reports.[/box_icon_step]
[box_icon_step title=”Analysis of Effectiveness” icon=”icon-flag” step=”3″ css_animation=”bounceIn” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1″]This step is the main criterion of our success. We provide reports on the work done.[/box_icon_step]
[titlesimple title=”OFFICE” after_title=”Our Location”]Our offices are located in all major countries of the world. We employ only highly qualified personnel. We are a recognized leader in the market.[/titlesimple]
[box_icon title=”Offices around the world” type=”pixsimple” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”0.6″ icon_pixsimple=”icon-pointer”]Mauris dapibus nunc convallis, ullamcorper orci ut, semper risus[/box_icon][box_icon title=”All of our staff are professionals” type=”pixsimple” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1″ icon_pixsimple=”icon-badge”]Mauris dapibus nunc convallis, ullamcorper orci ut, semper risus[/box_icon][box_icon title=”We are one of the market leaders” type=”pixsimple” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1.4″ icon_pixsimple=”icon-trophy”]Mauris dapibus nunc convallis, ullamcorper orci ut, semper risus[/box_icon]
[section_map_points unit=”%” image=”3001″][section_map_point left_pos=”5″ top_pos=”24″ title=”USA Office” count=”San Francisco”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”15″ top_pos=”32″ title=”USA Office” count=”New York”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”25″ top_pos=”56″ title=”Brazil Office” count=”Rio”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”50″ top_pos=”80″ title=”Africa Office” count=”Cape Town”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”60″ top_pos=”32″ title=”Russian Office” count=”Moscow”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”80″ top_pos=”27″ title=”China Office” count=”Beijing”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”89″ top_pos=”78″ title=”Australian Office” count=”Sidney”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][section_map_point left_pos=”89″ top_pos=”28″ title=”Japan Office” count=”Tokio”]Mauris dapibusnunc convallis[/section_map_point][/section_map_points]
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[section_tabs][section_tab image=”2440″ tab_id=”25c93f08-4fd5-6″ title=”2013 Years” icon=”fa-bar-chart” cont_title=”Company Formation”]Already 15 years ago we have been providing comprehensive services for the competent organization and transaction support for those who are interested in selling a business, and for those who would not like to start a business “from scratch”, and ready to buy the business. Our success – many years of experience and a professional team.[/section_tab][section_tab image=”2436″ tab_id=”1ca71749-ff40-2″ title=”2014 Years” icon=”fa-book” cont_title=”Successful Start and Continuation”]The basis of the accumulated reputation capital – hundreds of transactions made by the Agency’s experts in various sectors of the economy. And, of course, thanks to numerous customers. Our principle – only the individual approach. For each client. Each business. Our task – the observance of your interests. At any stage of the preparation and conduct of the transaction.[/section_tab][section_tab image=”2270″ tab_id=”b9720a90-1ce5-0″ title=”2015 Years” icon=”fa-cloud-download” cont_title=”We are Becoming Recognized Leaders”]One of the advantages, which we are proud – transparent, clear, logically substantiated algorithms form the value of our services. Whatever the task or stood in front of you – buy a business or sell a business – in our Agency you will always be aware of what constitutes the cost of services working with a business broker you and what is included in these services.[/section_tab][section_tab image=”306″ tab_id=”c698eeac-cc8a-9″ title=”2016 Years” icon=”fa-cogs” cont_title=”We are the Leader of our Team is Our Pride”]Our team are the best business brokers who know and love their profession, people with experience in the implementation of projects of any complexity and price category. Purchase and sale of business has its “pitfalls”, which is easy to stumble someone not familiar with all aspects of this trend. Our experts take responsibility for the stages of the process, the client can only sign the contract and get the desired result.[/section_tab][/section_tabs]
[titlesimple title=”we offer” after_title=”Our Service”]We offer not only advice on all matters of the purchase and sale of businesses, but also the assessment of the chosen object of investment, selection of ready business to your criteri.[/titlesimple]
[box_icon title=”Selection of Business” type=”pixsimple” position=”icon-top” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”0.4″ icon_pixsimple=”icon-wallet”]How to sell or buy a ready-made business correctly and to manage it[/box_icon]
[box_icon title=”Securities Transactions” icon=”icon-handbag” position=”icon-top” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”0.6″]Key market instruments – financial instruments, securities (bonds), real estate[/box_icon]
[box_icon title=”Research and Analytics” icon=”icon-check” position=”icon-top” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1″]Conducting market research, industry, research of market niches[/box_icon]
[box_icon title=”Advisory Activities” icon=”icon-microphone” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1.4″]Advice on all matters of sale of ready business, conducting seminars and trainings[/box_icon]
[box_icon title=”Management and Asset” icon=”icon-bar-chart” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”1.8″]Analyze the current state of the business, identify problems, put things in order[/box_icon]
[box_icon title=”Preparation of Business Plans” icon=”icon-paper-plane” css_animation=”fadeInUp” wow_duration=”1″ wow_delay=”2.2″]It offers a comprehensive range of services and support the sale of ready business[/box_icon]

Our Specialization

Our best experts in the field of financial and strategic planning are constantly working on the effective implementation of long-term investment projects, as well as monitoring the increase in the level of profitability of active programs. We constantly otslezhivaeem basic perspective directions of the financial market. The basic concept of the company is to cooperate fully in the creation of the most favorable economic conditions for the relationship of citizens and legal entities through the implementation of a range of services to improve these relations.

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[titlesimple title=”reviews” after_title=”Clients Say”]Feedback from our customers shows the high level of trust and satisfaction with the work provided. We are very happy and we promise to try.[/titlesimple]
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[titlesimple title=”blog” after_title=”Our News”]We will help to analyze the current state of business, identify the problems that can reduce its investment attractiveness, to restore order, to form an adequate price and quality.[/titlesimple]
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[titlesimple title=”PRICES” after_title=”Packages”]For our customers, we developed unique packages that include the most popular types of work under each branch. Select and enter the rate you are comfortable with.[/titlesimple]
  • Market Watch

    $ 100Yr

    Assessment of shares of market Overview of the main competitors Structure of sales channels Customer segmentation Calculation of return on investment Analysis of benefits
  • Competitive analysis

    $ 200Yr

    Evaluation companies shares Overview of the main competitors Monitoring of positions prices SWOT-analysis, recommendations Analysis of benefits Gap Analysis
  • new product

    $ 280Yr

    Overall new product A summary of the parameters Evaluation of consumer readiness Analysis of benefits Assessment level of satisfaction Recommendations for improvement
  • market Analytics

    $ 300Yr

    Review of the debt market Stock Market Review Investment ideas Macroeconomics and strategy Spread monitors Sectors and companies
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